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Why do we Rescue?
Cause it’s one hell of a life, Tate🥔🧡
It would be wrong of me to tell you the rescue life is easy in any way, but tell you it’s worth it, no question. It comes with hard work, tough decisions, seeing things no one should have to and ultimately being in an industry where most rescues try to destroy each other. Add that on top of work to live and pay bills, weather conditions on the ranch and the unforeseen happenings… you’ve setup a formula to cripple most people a couple times over. After all that if you can get through it, there comes the times that you cannot possibly create anywhere else. Where you see hard work pay off and create something beautiful. The triumphs that fill your soul.
Healing animals and giving them second chances, helping people to connect/grow/change/heal, teaching kids about advocacy and watching them evolve. There are so many silver linings to the things I do in rescue that I don’t understand sometimes till far after the works been done.
This life may be hard and test me but man is it worth it. I live a life of service and have never been more openly willing to let it engulf everything around me.
This year is going to bring on the biggest challenges yet, bring the hardest tests against me, bigger and harder builds… but just wait till I succeed and show you what’s to come. I’m going to create something like never before and with you guys support, we’re gonna save a hell of a lot of lives!
Thank you for being here on my journey🙏🏻 can’t wait to make y’all proud.