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Our Mission

Reversed Rescue was founded as a non profit no-kill dog rescue in 2015. We take in a variety of cases ranging from breeder turnovers, special needs, owner neglect, sexual assault, hospice care and more. Some of our cases include Bonsai, a breeder turnover who was given to us because of his inability to use his back legs. Birdie, a case we took in from another rescue due to her severe spina bifida, which later required that her back legs be removed. Freddy, a senior who had been abandoned at a shelter at his old age and could barely walk. He was rehabilitated with Reversed Rescue and lived out his final years with us. Magnolia, a sexual assault survivor who was rescued from a machine shop where there were open talks of drugs and beastiality.
The list of cases can go on for miles. Our lives are fully dedicated to our animals and we believe it is our duty to rehabilitate and rehome these dogs. We know every dog that walks through our doors by name; we believe in quality of care and finding the perfect home for these dogs above all else. In early 2022 we made the decision to combine both of our rescues, Reversed Rescue & Boss Sanctuary, into one: Boss Farms.
We still do the same work as we have been all these years and still rely on sales to fund our mission, but now by letting go of our non profit status we face less regulations by the government which in the end allows us to do more.
Our current mission is to develop several acre's of land and transform it into a Utopia for dogs within the 300 Acres we own here in Oregon. We hope you'll follow our journey closely and help us save as many lives as possible. Afterall, that is what we do best and we could never do it without your help!
To make a tax deductable donation, please click the link below and you will be redirected to a donation page. Otherwise, to help the cause by purchasing an item, please visit the Boss Farms shop by clicking the button below.

Tiny Homes for Senior Dogs

We are proud to say that we are the pioneers of building full scale Tiny Homes for our senior dogs. Our Tiny Home project was an idea that our Founder, Tye Friis, in memory of his late rescue dog, Curtis.

Curtis was rescued by Tye in a shelter, where he had been abonded at old age. It's no secret that older dogs don't attract as much attention in shelters as younger, healthier dogs, but that doesn't make them any less special. After losing Curtis, Tye made it a mission to rescue as many senior dogs from shelters as possible, and give them the absolute best life possible in a proper home where they can live out the rest of their days for as long as they'd like.

Past Tiny Home Residents

Severe Cases

From stabbing & gunshot wounds, to special needs cases, sexual abuse, skin disease, and more. We take any case no matter how difficult it may be. We firmly believe that every single dog that comes through our doors should be treated with nothing but the best care, at any cost. We will always do our due diligence, because every life matters.